BIRTH: 2015
CLIENT: Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic
Ondráš The Military Art Ensemble is the only professional group of its kind in the Czech Republic. The dramaturgy and work of the ONDRÁŠ MAE draws inspiration from folklore. The ensemble was established in 1954 and since then has grown into the current body of almost one hundred members, both professionals and amateurs. The ONDRÁŠ MAE has performed in many countries and continents (for example in the USA, Great Britain, Russia, Israel and Japan).

The Basis of the Visual Style

Coloured photography

Folklore patterns

Bold typography


The main motif is inside the sign as a part of the diacritics (“š”).

The symbol of three dots also represents three groups of the emsemble:

Folklore motifs

Rational construction is based on the three dots from the sign.

There are also advanced variations from the basic ones.

The rational system goes back to the folklore in organic compositions.


Colour definition